Corporate Structure

IEGB was incorporated in Malaysia on 9 January 2003 under the Act as a private limited company as Impressive Edge Group Sdn. Bhd. Further , on 3 December 2003, its was converted to Impressive Edge Group Berhad as a public limited company.

The principal activities of the Company are investment holding and provision of management services to its subsidiaries. The core activities of IEGB are carried out by its three (3) wholly-owned subsidiary companies namely IESB, IESB and IE(KL), and two (2) indirect subsidiary companies namely IE(PG) and SCESB.

The corporate structure of the IEGB Group as at the date of this Prospectus and upon Listing is as follows:

As the date hereof, IE-PAR TECHNOLOGY SDN BHD is an associate company to the Group.

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